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Customer Testimonials for Pyramid

"Pyramid is the fastest way to accelerate reading speed and accuracy, once students have learned the short vowels and how to blend two and three letters together. It makes reading successful for students whose eye tracking abilities are still developing, giving them confidence, mastery of the sentence, and the desire to read more.

"So many times reading their first "pyramid" is the thrilling moment when students first realize that they can read! I have seen students read their first pyramid over and over again just to bask in the wonder and glory of reading. After that, one cannot stop them from reading!"

--Lindsay Pavel, Teacher and Reading Program Coordinator
Livermore, CA

"Pyramid has been especially fabulous for those students who tend to reverse letters and are slower at grasping the concepts. The reversals have diminished considerably. Even the students with lower abilities are now diving into literature and are proud of it!--

--Pamela M. Barret, First-Grade Teacher
Tovashal Elementary School, Murrietta, CA

"I have found the Pyramid book extremely useful when working with kids who are having real difficulties with beginning phonics. I've had several children who were seriously stuck until I tried Pyramid who subsequently made a real breakthrough after just a few hours' work with this book.

"I think these pyramid reading exercises are especially useful for children who have difficulty with the left-to-right concept at first. One little Spanish-speaking boy who was suddenly dumped into an American school really changed right before my eyes with Pyramid. Thanks for thinking of them!"

-Bobby Thayer, Tutor
YES Reading, Menlo Park, CA

"Today one of my fourth graders who originally had read at a third grade level finished Pyramid. I hadn't listened to him read, he just came in the room every day and sat reading it by himself. He really enjoyed this book, and came to me saying, "I am done, Mr. Potter."

"I had previously taught him the 68 Orton Phonograms and 840 High Frequency Words and at that point he read at a fourth grade level, but it's highly unusual that a student would be able to sit alone reading a book and come up with such fundamental improvement in reading as appeared to be the case.

"I immediately gave him a new 1987 Riverside IRI, and he now can be placed in sixth grade reading! He has a systematic, automatic use of phonics and went from 21 errors to only 5 on the Miller Word Identification Assessment, all of which he could read correctly when he went back and read again. After seeing this student's progress, everyone wants to read Pyramid!"

--Don Potter, Instructional Resource Teacher
Murry Fly Elementary School, Odessa, TX

"I am a Special Ed teacher at a Day Treatment program. These are the kids that no school knows how to handle anymore but are not severe enough to go into a residential program. Half of my students have severe learning problems leading to severe behavior problems, and the other half have severe behavior problems leading to severe learning problems.

"I tried using Phonics Pathways and Pyramid with two of my students, and the results are really good! These 4th and 5th graders read at a kindergarten level before we started, and after only eighteen lessons can now read many words. The blending exercises taught them how to decode words, and they now automatically use the same strategies to decode new and long words.

"The parents of these kids think I am some kind of genius because finally I was able to get their kids reading. It's so beautiful and rewarding to see their self-esteem grow as well. This is what makes teaching so rewarding. Thank you!"

--Renee Wesly
Special Ed Teacher, Maunawili Elementary School
Kailua, HA

"I am pleased to endorse Phonics Pathways and Pyramid as some of the finest instructional materials for teaching children and adults to read that I have reviewed. The knowledge found in these books should be applied in every first-grade classroom in this country."

--Robert W. Sweet, Jr., Professional Staff Member
Committee on Education and the Work Force
U.S. Congress, Washington D.C.

"I have been amazed at how many words a five-year-old is able to sound out using your pyramid technique of adding syllables one by one until the child can read really big words. The reward for me is watching how excited the child is at reading these long words. The book is a wonderful combination of delightful repetition and 'grown-up' reading."

--Jessie Wise, author
The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education At Home

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