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Short-Vowel Review

from 'Pyramid' by Dolores G. Hiskes

Short-Vowel Review - Pyramid

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Multisyllable Words | Pyramid, pg.61

There are five pages in this section, with one vowel on each page.

Words in Top Section
Read the words on the top of the page, working from left to right. Make sure that you blend the sounds together smoothly, and do not sound out each separate letter when you read the final word. Then write these words from dictation.

Sentences in Bottom Section
After you are able to read these words smoothly and write them without error, you may begin reading the Pyramid sentences on the lower half of the page. This section is especially helpful to those of you who already are reading words, but need a little help building words into whole sentences. Begin with the top word, and read down as many lines as you can. Stop when it becomes too much of an effort. Keep reading this story--you will find that with practice, you will be able to read farther and farther down the page. Your eye span is--
I N C R E A S I N G!