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“I am a reading teacher in NYS. We will be implementing Rtl in September as well as the new ELA core curriculum. I would like to use your products as a Tier 2 intervention but don’t know where to begin. The classroom teachers at first and second grade use leveled books. I am currently using a phonics book and leveled books with a lot of the word wall words. Thank you for any advice.”

Thanks for your interest. There is a free “Guide to Phonics Pathways and Reading Pathways” PDF file you can download from my website which has proven to be quite helpful for this purpose. I would also recommend looking at several older newsletters summarizing how two award-winning teachers are using my material in their classrooms: Go to my website and check out Phonics Talk: Volume 11 to read what these teachers are doing.

And I am always here to help — literacy is my passion! ~Dolores

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