Kiwi and Josie (off topic)


Do you still have Kiwi? Can you give us an update about her? It was so cute the way she cuddled with Dewey in the picture.


Many of you have written from time to time asking about Kiwi, the sweet little pussycat shown with Dewey in the front of Phonics Pathways.

Sadly she is no longer with us. But you can read her life story here, and see a few more pictures as well. We will remember her forever in our hearts!


Now we have a black and white tuxedo kitty, named “Josie” in honor of my publisher Jossey-Bass. She follows us around, keeps a close eye on all our activities, let’s us know when it’s time for bed, and converses with two blue jays in our back yard. They “talk” back and forth all day long. She’s a dear little thing and we love her very much!¬†This picture shows her getting a reading lesson, and here she is taking a break:¬†Josie.

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