A Thanksgiving Sonnet

Every so often I receive a letter that I simply must share with my readers. Here is one such letter:

“Hi Dolores,

“I would rather be writing this message on delicate, expensive stationery and dropping it in the mail to you, but I fear that it will slip my mind and thought this to be more timely.

“Our family is vacationing in Florida for Thanksgiving, and whenever I go on vacation I have more time to reflect. You are one of the first people I thought of.

“I just want to tell you how thankful I am for Phonics Pathways. I want you to know how much joy it brings me to use this book, and see someone who could not read emerge into a successful reader.

“This December 7th I will have worked with a 41 year old single mother for one year. When we first met, she had a difficult time with the short-vowel sounds. Now she knows the difference between a homophone, homonym, and homograph! 

“For “dessert” at our weekly session we read The Boxcar Children. She never had anyone read aloud to her. What a travesty! I read mostly, and then she reads some. 

“She has worked at a nursing home for 20 years earning minimum wage, and my hope for her is that when we complete the workbook she will realize that she is capable of doing more. She refuses any government assistance, lives with her disabled mother and gifted 10-year old son. He has had to shoulder much too much responsibility, due to the illiteracy of his mother and grandmother.

“I cannot tell you how great it makes me feel to see her progress, all thanks to you. Anyway, I really want you to know this Thanksgiving what an impact you have made on yet another person’s life. So, thank you again!”

(Name changed for privacy)    Jeanne Smith

(Thank YOU, Jeanne, for bringing such a beautiful song to my heart this Thanksgiving!         ~Dolores)

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