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phonics pathways boosters by dolores hiskes
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PHONICS PATHWAYS BOOSTERS BY DOLORES HISKES is a new collection of special, carefully-selected teaching tools and games printed on cardstock and ready to use. Additionally, the sound being learned is accented with another color, easing and focusing learning. Phonics Pathways Boosters includes:

• The Train Game
64 individual “train car” cards develop and strengthen left-to-right blending skills, preventing or correcting letter/word reversals. Developing smooth blending skills is critical to ensure reading fluency. Letters and sounds are printed on both sides of every card, one letter or sound per card. Pictures on one side graphically illustrate every sound being introduced, ensuring correct pronunciation. Learn with the picture side, flip to the letter-only side when ready! This powerful teaching tool is especially effective with beginners, ELL, or dyslexic students.

• Speaking Pathways CD
The sounds and spelling patterns of English as presented in Phonics Pathways are clearly presented in this lively 35-minute CD, narrated by author Dolores Hiskes. Part One is “Letters and Sounds,” and Part Two is “Spelling Rules and Patterns.” A script can be downloaded free from Reading and listening to these letters and sounds at the same time greatly accelerates learning! This beautifully-enunciated CD adds a whole new dimension to learning how to read, and is especially effective wtih English-language learners.

• Blendit!
Two board games teach beginning reading skills by developing and strengthening eye tracking, and include (1) Two-Letter Blends and (2) Short-Vowel Words. It is similar to Bingo: cards are drawn, read, and placed over matching squares on boards. Whoever fills in a line first is the winner. It’s a fun-filled activity for the whole family: beginners have just as much chance of winning as do Mom and Dad. Everyone loves this timeless old classic -- just watch their eyes light up!

• WordWorks
Three sets of cards review and reinforce reading skills at gradually increasing skill levels: (1) Short-Vowel Phrases, (2) Long-Vowel Phrases, and (3) Complex Multisyllable words. Each set can be played using a variety of games -- Bag the Bugs is especially popular (outrageous!). There are 18 double sets of cards (or 36 cards in all) for each game. Excellent practice in an extraordinary, fun-filled format.

• Sound-Spelling Flash Cards (New!)
These illustrated flash cards are unique in being organized by sounds, not spellings. All possible spelling variations of every sound are shown using sample words, with the spelling highlighted in a different color. Learn with the picture side, flip to the letter-only side when ready. Accelerates learning for everyone, especially English-language learners, beginners, and students with learning disabilities.

phonics pathways boosters by dolores hiskes

Phonics Pathways Boosters


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