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Phonics Pathways 9th edition

clear steps to easy reading and perfect spelling

"Phonics Pathways is a solid educational reference suitable for all ages. Individual chapters address building and breaking words down into their pronounced pieces, with a section devoted to every basic phonic syllable in the English language.

"The result is an extraordinary guide, drillbook, and coach to learning how to piece words together from their individual parts. Phonics Pathways is an enthusiastically recommended 'how to' book for parents, homeschoolers, or literacy volunteers responsible for teaching beginning readers and writers of any age or background."

-The Midwest Book Review -- read more reviews of Phonics Pathways

User-Friendly and Complete- Clear step-by-step directions begin and end every lesson throughout the book - no prior experience or special training is needed. Extensive examples, word lists, and practice readings accompany each lesson - no other material is needed. Lessons are systematic, incremental, and progressive. One book has it all!

One letter at a Time - Multisensory Technique- Only one letter is introduced at a time, beginning with short-vowel sounds. Every letter introduced is accompanied by multiple pictures beginning with that sound. A multisensory method addresses all learning styles.

Organized by Sound and Spelling Pattern- Reading and spelling are taught as an integrated unit. Sounds and spelling patterns are presented one at a time and in order of complexity, ranging from simple to complex. Sight words are introduced by pattern also, along with the sound being introduced. Accuracy in reading and spelling is taught from the very first lesson.

Letters Build Into Words as Soon as Possible- This gives meaning to what is being learned, providing concrete exemplars for what can otherwise be confusing and abstract rules. It also helps prevent the "reading-without-understanding" syndrome sometimes seen when all the phonograms are first learned in isolation.

• Dyslexic or Remedial- A special graduated blending technique strengthens eye tracking and increases eye span, preventing or correcting reversals. Letters blend into syllables, words, two-word phrases, and finally sentences of slowly increasing complexity. Continuous review ensures retention. Large, 24-point letters.

• Practice Readings are 100% Decodable- The examples, word lists, and practice readings accompanying each lesson are 100% decodable - only comprised of sounds and rules already learned. The two most important words in every sentence are always positioned to the left of it. This greatly eases and facilitates the move into connected reading.

• Complete - Contains All Spelling Rules- This knowledge is a real short-cut to spelling accuracy, and gives students an educational edge. Learning one rule for many words is much easier than learning each word individually! The diacritical markings are from the dictionary. Index to all spelling rules. Quick-reference spelling and pronunciation charts.

• Develops and Strengthens Character- Wise, humorous proverbs offer great insight, encouragement, and inspiration. Promotes values such as patience, perseverance, honesty, compassion, courage, kindness, and loyalty. Students will delight in Dewey the bookworm and the charming, whimsical illustrations.

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"I am pleased to endorse Phonics Pathways and Pyramid as some of the finest instructional materials for teaching children and adults to read that I have reviewed. The knowledge found in these books should be applied in every first-grade classroom in this country."

--Robert W. Sweet, Jr., Professional Staff Member
Committee on Education and the Work Force
U.S. Congress, Washington D.C

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Phonics Pathways
10th edition

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