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This page features a variety of useful information from Dorbooks. Download, print out and enjoy!


New! Common Core and Reading First

Much has been written about Common Core as well as Reading First. What is the difference between the two? Can you use them together? View "Reading First vs. Common Core"

The "Reading First Initiative" and Phonics Pathways

The "Reading First” initiative and Phonics Pathways are correlated here in great detail, point by point. I think you’ll find this information to be most useful! Click here to view the PDF.

Master Grid for Blendit!

Here is a master Blendit! grid. Many of you have asked for extra boards so that more than four students can play at a time, or simply to make up your own words. It's played like Bingo so remember to change the order of the words on each board, and make up several extra sets to use as cards (see page 14 of Phonics Pathways for complete directions). Click here to download Blendit Grid (38.5k PDF file - Adobe Acrobat required)

Phonics: What It is, How to Teach It, When to Begin

"Phonics" means different things to different people, but only one approach is effective with everyone and results in maximum learning in the minimum time with the least amount of effort. Discover this procedure, find out how it relates to comprehension, and learn how to implement it!
Click here to download this article (3.3MB PDF file - big, but worth it!) by Dolores Hiskes as presented at the IRA Conference in Chicago, April 2010

Guide to Phonics Pathways And Reading Pathways

From time to time customers request more information on using both Phonics Pathways and Reading Pathways. How do these books fit together? Do you finish one book before starting the other one? This manual is a step-by-step guide detailing how to navigate, incorporate, and blend these two books together for maximum reading fluency. It includes an all-new *Short Sheet of Vowels* master sheet which will soon become an integral part of your teaching!
Click here to download. (725k PDF file - Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

And here is the updated Guide to Phonics Pathways & Reading Pathways 10th Edition.(645k PDF file)

The Comprehension Dilemma

The Comprehension Dilemma: A Simple Solution is a PowerPoint presentation showing exactly how to teach reading. Includes how and when to introduce sight words,  how to teach spelling, and the causes and cure for *The Fourth Grade Slump.* (As presented by Dolores at the 2008 IRA Conference in Atlanta.) 
Click here to download. (2.3 MB PDF file - Adobe Acrobat required)

A Fourteen-Point Checklist For a Successful Phonics Reading Program

This handy two-page guide is an at-a-glance blueprint of important features to look for in your search for a good reading program. Click here to download. (92kb PDF file - Adobe Acrobat required)

Dorbooks Record Keeping Chart

These simple at-a-glance record keeping charts have proven invaluable to teachers and parents alike:

1- Staple the Student Achievement Chart to the left-hand inside cover of a folder, and simply fill in the *Date Begun* and *Date Completed* sections of each skill listed as you proceed through the book.

2- Staple the Student Progress Notes to the right-hand inside cover, and fill in the date and page of the lesson, plus any special notes you may have about the lesson itself. (If this folder is used with multi-tutors, also put your initials in the *Tutor* section.)

Voila! Now you have a simple device to keep an up-to-date record of your student's progress through Phonics Pathways. It is especially handy to have on hand at parent-teacher conferences to show Mom and Dad exactly how their student is performing in an easy, no-explanations-needed format. And you yourself will always be able to see at-a-glance exactly what to teach and what skills need extra help or review. Click here to download the chart.

Phonics Pathways Certificates of Achievement

Here is a set of beautifully colored certificates you can print out and present to your students as you progress through Phonics Pathways: (Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view - 170k each, PDF files). Click here to view certificates page.

Dewey the Bookworm Bookmark and Coloring Activity

Here is our beloved Dewey-the-Bookworm in a bookmark format, ready to cut out, assemble, and accompany you on all of your reading adventures! 94K PDF file - Adobe Acrobat Reader required. Click here to download Dewey.

Reading First Standards for Phonics Pathways

A professional analysis of Phonics Pathways for meeting Reading First standards was commissioned in a variety of states. Here are the detailed correlation matrices for California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas: (PDF files - Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

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