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Phonics Pathways ~ Certificates of Achievement

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This new page will feature all sorts of free, downloadable goodies from Dorbooks. Download, print out and enjoy!

Phonics Pathways Certificates of Achievement

Here is a set of beautifully colored certificates you can print out and present to your students as you progress through Phonics Pathways: (Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view - 170k each, PDF files)

• First Level of Reading Competence: *BEGINNING EXPLORER*
Page 14 -- Short-Vowel Sounds - Students have learned all of the short-vowel sounds, and can read Phonics Pathways through page 14.

• Second Level of Reading Competence: *EAGER BEAVER*
Page 67 -- Two-Consonant Endings Review - Students can blend letters into syllables & words, and build words into simple short-vowel phrases & sentences.

• Third level of Reading Competence: *SMART COOKIE*
Page 112 -- Suffix Review - Students can read more interesting stories with consonant digraph endings, suffixes, and long-vowel words.

• Fourth Level of Reading Competence: *COOL READER*
Page 176 -- Vowel Diphthong Review - Students now read books containing complex multisyllable words, R-modified vowels, long-vowel digraphs, and vowel diphthongs.

• Fifth Level of Reading Competence: *READING WIZARD*
End of book -- Graduation! - Students are now expert readers who can read anything in Phonics Pathways or any other book with ease, fluency, and great enjoyment!

NOTE: while students technically will be able to read anything at this point, they will only comprehend words that are in their current vocabulary and so will tend to choose books reflecting this knowledge.

For example, you and I would be able to read a book on brain surgery, but we would most likely not comprehend it. Therefore, along with teaching the mechanics of reading it is important to continue developing vocabulary levels.

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