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phonics pathways by dolores hiskesPhonics Pathways 10th Edition!

The 10th edition of this beloved old classic is here! It is enhanced with many new features:

• Pictures now illustrate every sound introduced. Eases learning for everyone.
• Expanded lessons for dividing multisyllable words clarify this sometimes-tricky issue.
• Nonsense words inserted at strategic points ensure that students read using the phonics skills they have learned.
• A unique “Short Sheet of Vowels” will soon become indispensable for teaching/ testing students.



reading pathways by dolores hiskes

Reading Pathways - 5th Edition

Reading Pathways is a completely redesigned and expanded makeover of Pyramid. Includes the complete content of Pyramid but is one-third longer and features many new pyramid sections plus a Brainbusters section for advanced reading practice...


Why Study Phonics with Dorbooks?

Because at Dorbooks, Inc. we believe that reading, like any other complex skill such as dancing or playing the piano, is most effectively taught gradually, one note, one step at a time until whole groups of notes, or steps can be combined into an entire song or dance routine. Dorbooks, Inc. publishes phonics books and phonics games teaching reading and spelling using direct, systematic phonics. Sounds and syllables gradually build into words and sentences. Phonics is the process - sight reading is the result.

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